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Device Driver Types

Device drivers are small but complex computer programs that allow operating systems to communicate with hardware equipment connected to your computer. DriverMax allows you to download free computer driver updates for any hardware device.

Motherboard computer drivers are small programs that are read by Windows and allow basic computer functions while inside the operating system. These computer drivers normally include programs that enable broadband ports, USB ports and input / output ports for the mouse and keyboard. Depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard, these drivers may also include basic drivers for video and audio support. You can easily update these drivers using DriverMax, the free computer driver update tool. Give it a try and download the latest driver update for any hardware device!

Hardware drivers are programs that are designed to allow pieces of computer hardware to function on a computer. Video cards, sound cards, network cards and other expansion cards come with driver discs to ease the installation process of the hardware. Other devices, like certain kinds of digital cameras and MP3 players, have PC drivers programmed into their software for easy use on most makes of personal computers. DriverMax lets you download for free any driver update that you might need for your PC (video display adapter, graphics card, network adapter, sound controller, bluetooth, USB, camera, keyboard, mouse, hard driver, etc).

1-Wire AGEIA Hardware ALi USB
Alcatel Speed Touch USB Modem Android Usb Device Class Avc
Biometric Biometric Device BlueManager
Bluetooth Bluetooth Device Bluetooth Ports
Bluetooth VCOMM Port Bluetooth for Windows CDROM
CH Products CPUSBDongle CSR USB
CVAULT Chipset Classic USB Phonet
Companion Suite Modem Computer Telephony Controlador de Memory Stick
Contrôleurs Memory Stick Crypto Class CustomUSBDevices
DAQ Device DOT4 SETUP HPO08 DSLcontroller
DTWISDN DVR-Devices Dell Serial Device
Dev Pgm USB Digital Pen Digitizers
Disk Drive Display Adapters Dongles
Dot4 Dot4 HPH09 Dot4 HPH11
Dot4 HPZ12 Dot4 Setup HPH09 Dot4Print
Dot4Print HPH09 Dot4Print HPH11 Dot4Print HPZ12
Dot4Usb Dot4Usb HPH09 Dot4Usb HPH11
Dot4Usb HPZ12 Driver Interface EHCI
Egatecard FeliCa GARMIN Devices
GPIB GretagMacbeth Device Guardant Dongles
HM Capture Device HerculesDJDevices IEEE 1394 interface
ISDN Imaging Devices Infrared
Initio Combo Class Input Pen IonMultiPortSerial
Jungo Keyboard LEGODevices
Lib Usb Devices Logitech LCDs MEDIA
MOTUSB MTD Matrox Video Bus
Media Center Extender Medtronic Devices Memory
Memory Stick controllers Mimaki USB Port Modem
Mouse Multi Function Multi Port Serial
NULL HPH12 NVIDIA Network Bus (by 3DP) NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator
Natural Point Devices Network Adapters Null Dot4
PIBUS PS3EyeDevices Palm Devices
Palm OS Handheld Devices Panini Player_Recovery_Device
Ports PowerCore PrimeSensor
Printer Processor RIMUSBBB
SBP2 SCSI Adapter SDHost
SecBioDev Security Token Sensor
ShareBit SideShow Siecom
Smart Card Reader SmartKeyToken Sony-cipher-device
Speed Touch USB Modem Syncrosoft Protection Device TI_Emulators
TSDHD Tablet_Class Tape Drive
Topfield USB Devices Transfer Cable UAD2DSP
USB Display Adapters USB IO Controlled Devices USB Universal Serial Bus
USB human interface device class USBNULL HPO08 USBPAL_Setup Class
VNUSB VToasterClass VoIP Adaptor
Wireless Communication Devices XRite Devices Xna Composite
hdc sa0101UsbDeviceClass

DriverMax is the free computer driver update tool. No matter what PC configuration you might have, no matter if you have a brand new PC or an old one, DriverMax will find the right driver for your hardware. Download and install DriverMax and update your drivers now!